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Cutting-Edge Technology Companies Join Virtual Event

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New Standards for Virtual Experiences

The international reach of,  COMFORCE, in Col 4.0 was one of the highlights of the event. With the participation of representatives from 16 different countries, a true exchange of knowledge and perspectives was generated. From the comfort of their homes, attendees had the opportunity to connect with experts from around the world and discover the latest trends in software and information technology.

For COMFORCE, He lived a unique experience: a completely virtual event with more than 400,000 attendees in 3 days, 11 auditoriums and 80 stands with software and IT experts.

#MinTic, with technology from La Colonia Metaverso, had more than 80 exhibitors from 16 different countries, offering talks and conferences in 11 auditoriums and 80 stands. In the #MinTic event, organized by mincultura.gov.co and Ticket Code, an experience was offered in Spanish, English and sign language for more than 400,000 virtual attendees. COMFORCE in alliance with Ticket Code, was part of this #MinTic event, powered by La Colonia Metaverso technology.

Who and what is COMFORCE?

What is Comfort?

Comforce is specialized contract management software that simplifies their management, traceability and control. With the systematization of processes, Comforce drastically reduces the time necessary for the management of contracts and suppliers in any organization. Unlike other systems, Comforce is the only software created specifically for the management of the life cycle of contracts, ensuring all processes through Blockchain technology. With Comforce, clients get the best solution for their contract administration needs, backed by subject matter experts, extensive experience, and knowledge transfer. Our software focuses exclusively on contract management and is not a document manager, a workflow, an ERP system adapted or forcibly modified. This guarantees that our clients have a dedicated and specialized solution to manage contracting in the legal, legal, procurement, supply and contract administration areas in Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and other Latin American countries.

About us?

At Comforce, we stand out as a leading software provider in the field of contract administration. We are proud to offer our clients a comprehensive and specialized solution that optimizes contract management processes, allowing greater control, efficiency and compliance. Our team is made up of true experts in the field, with extensive experience and knowledge in contract management. We work closely with our clients, providing support and personalized advice to ensure they get the best results. We are committed to offering innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions, backed by the reliability and security offered by Blockchain technology. At Comforce, our goal is to be the reliable and trusted partner for organizations looking to improve and optimize their contract administration throughout Latin America.


La Colonia Metaverse

The colony achieved in record time the construction of a virtual world of more than 170,000 square meters, modeled.

 With the vision of a team of architects focused on the construction of virtual worlds, 3D modelers, conceptual artists, front end programmers, backend programmers.

With the support of Google cloud platform, where in record time more than 150 people managed to create production of 11 live broadcasts, more than 150 3D virtualized spaces, multi-device technology and the support of more than 300 agencies in audiovisual production. A platform created by the team at The Data Culture, with a focus on creating virtual worlds for a variety of exhibitors, where emphasis is placed on information, education, and culture.

The colony has a metaverse that aims to meet the needs of users, providing an unforgettable experience.

“Discover the latest in technology in the Col 4.0 virtual event”
“Explore the potential TUATARA COLOMBIA”