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Unparalleled Digital Experience

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Event Sets New Standards for Virtual Experiences.

The international reach of LA COLEMBA was one of the aspects in Col 4.0, being one of the highlights of the event. With the participation of representatives from 16 different countries, a true exchange of knowledge and perspectives was generated. From the comfort of their homes, attendees had the opportunity to connect with experts from around the world and discover the latest trends in software and information technology.

For LA COLEMBA, It has been a truly unique experience! Attendees enjoyed a completely virtual experience, in an event that had more than 400,000 attendees and had 3 days of live broadcast. Broadcasts in Spanish, English and sign language. The event had 11 auditoriums, more than 80 stands, in which more than 80 exhibitors gave talks and conferences on software and IT, with 16 countries connected. LA COLEMBA, in alliance with Ticket Code, was part of this #MinTic event, powered by the technology of The Colony of the Metaverse.

Who and what is LA COLEMBA?

La Colemba is a visual laboratory, focused on bringing the latest VFX techniques to Latin America. We deeply believe that the VFX toolkit can revolutionize Latin American storytelling, giving a means of expression to an already strong cultural legacy in the fantastic. We take care of the entire process, from design, pre-production, on set VFX, to create an extraordinary post production. We accompany to ensure that each drop of energy is properly channeled, understood, that brings more creative possibilities, and with manageable costs. We operate from Bogota, Colombia.

A team of designers and developers make up La Colemba and work closely together to create a creative work environment. Functionality is just as important to us as aesthetics, and we aspire to be a comprehensive digital innovation agency. Our vision is to turn design into art. The team takes tremendous pride in not only the creative and technical work we produce, but also our quick turnaround time and exceptional customer service.

La Colemba is a visual laboratory

La Colonia Metaverse

The colony achieved in record time the construction of a virtual world of more than 170,000 square meters, modeled.

 With the vision of a team of architects focused on the construction of virtual worlds, 3D modelers, conceptual artists, front end programmers, backend programmers. With the support of Google cloud platform, where in record time more than 150 people managed to create production of 11 live broadcasts, more than 150 3D virtualized spaces, multi-device technology and the support of more than 300 agencies in audiovisual production.

A platform created by the team at The Data Culture, with a focus on creating virtual worlds for a variety of exhibitors, where emphasis is placed on information, education, and culture. The colony has a metaverse that aims to meet the needs of users, providing an unforgettable experience.

The technology used in the creation of virtual worlds.
! A unique and exciting experience!